Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what is the best flight attendant school

what is the best flight attendant school?
I live by stockton so I just want to know what is the first step of trying to be a flight attendant and what are the best schools?
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None of them are any use. All airlines train their own attendants. Spending money and time at a specialized school is a waste of both.
2 :
Flight Attendant schools are basically rip-off schemes. The airlines have their own training programs. Attending one of these might actually *hurt* your chances of getting the job. Each airline is super-picky about having things done their way and only their way. If you've picked up bad habits from a school, you might have the added effort of breaking them when you get the job. To be blunt, the job is not brain surgery. If you have the other attributes they're looking for, you can learn the job without any pre-training or schooling. There are a few exceptions where very small companies use private schools to train the Flight Attendants. Please note that you would be hired *first* and then sent to the school they use. The larger companies have their own facilities and equipment to train you. If you have time and cash to spend, it would be wiser to do a language course or get some job dealing with the public, perhaps involving food. Good luck!
3 :
NONE, as this are all business core company.. all they were doing is making money instead of making cabin crew.. listen here carefully, NEVER TO ATTEND ANY FLIGHT ATTENDANT SCHOOL as these school will not promise you to have a job with airlines.. all you have to do is to follow up with the airlines if they open for hiring.. and if they do, apply for the job.. and if they hire you, they will give you a thorough training on how to become a cabin crew.. all airlines have its own training school specific to teach someone to be cabin crew and pilot and its varied from one to another.. so, what you have to do is to apply for cabin crew position not attending any school.. CHERRS =D

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